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Our memorials are available in many different granite or stone finishes. Bespoke design work can be added to any memorial.

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Carnaby (LM)

Birdsall (LM)

Ryehill (LM)

Molescroft (LM)

Routh (LM)

Woodmansey (LM)

Seaton (LM)

Edenfield (LM)

Wyton (LM)

Eston (LM)

Ferens (LM)

Stainforth (LM)

Beverley (LM)

Sutton (LM)

Ainthorpe (LM)

Whitedale (LM)

Keyingham (LM)

Aldbrough (LM)

Hessle (LM)

Pickering (LM)

Kirkham (LM)

Roseberry (LM)

Elmswell (LM)

Denby (LM)

Eppleworth (LM)

Goathland (LM)

Dunswell (LM)

Lockington (LM)

Kinsley (LM)

Winterburn (LM)

Hazelwood (LM)

Danthorpe (LM)

Highgate (LM)

Normanby Roses (LM)

Normany Poppies (LM)

Grimston (LM)

Swanland (LM)

Leconfield (LM)

Wickersey (LM)

Huggate (LM)

Barley (LM)

Ilkley (LM)

Selby (LM)

Thearne (LM)

Bainton (LM)

Skipsea (LM)

Eyeston (LM)

Camerton (LM)

Grassington (LM)

Tunstall (LM)

Pearson (LM)

Wheldrake (LM)

Kingswood (LM)

Hasholme (LM)

Staxton (LM)

Eastburn (LM)

Kingston (LM)

Broomfleet (LM)

Ferriby (LM)

Carlton (LM)

Garrowby (LM)

Patrington (LM)

Minster (LM)

Lofthouse (LM)

Queensbury (LM)

Rossington (LM)

Woodhouse (LM)

Tolingham (LM)

Levisham (LM)

Levisham (LM)

Waltham (LM)

Beeford / Horkstow (LM)

Horkstow (LM)

Flamborough (LM)

Winestead (LM)

Rolston (LM)

Poppleton (LM)

Aysgarth (LM)

Etton (LM)

Hatfield (LM)

Witham (LM)

Kinghorn (LM)

Flinton (LM)

Elgin (LM)

Cranswick (LM)

Inverness (LM)

Ripon (LM)

Sowerby (LM)

Hepworth (LM)

Abel (LM)

Albury (LM)

Alderson (LM)

Allan (LM)

Arton (LM)

Baldwin (LM)

Barratt (LM)

Bates (LM)

Bayne (LM)

Birnie (LM)

Boyd (LM)

Buckingham (LM)

Byron (LM)

Cambridge (LM)

Coleby (LM)

Craig (LM)

Crombie (LM)

Cushnie (LM)

Downey (LM)

Drake (LM)

Fawcett (LM)

Fletcher (LM)

Foreman (LM)

Fowler (LM)

Gerrard (LM)

Gibson (LM)

Goldsmith (LM)

Haddow (LM)

Halliday (LM)

Holland (LM)

Jennings (LM)

Kellock (LM)

Kelly (LM)

Kowalski (LM)

Lee (LM)

Littlejohn (LM)

Lumsden (LM)

Macintyre (LM)

Mansell (LM)

Mansfield (LM)

Marshall (LM)

Mathieson (LM)

Mclennan (LM)

Mellor (LM)

Merkland (LM)

Michie (LM)

Moir (LM)

Murphy (LM)

Oswald (LM)

Pearson (LM)

Potter (LM)

Pottinger (LM)

Rahman (LM)

Richards (LM)

Ritchie (LM)

Rodger (LM)

Roper (LM)

Rosehill (LM)

Sagar (LM)

Shearer (LM)

Strachan (LM)

Struan (LM)

Sykes (LM)

Templeton (LM)

Thorburn (LM)

Tuckwell (LM)

Webster (LM)

Winlow (LM)

Yule (LM)

Westfield (CM)

Langtoft (CM)

Allerston (CM)

Molescroft (CM)

Humbleton (CM)

Easington (CM)

Bransdale (CM)

Thirtleby (CM)

Oakington (CM)

Grindale (CM)

Ottringham (CM)

Copley (CM)

Knaresborough (CM)

Clifton (CM)

Sproatley (CM)

Amplethorpe (CM)

Bessingby (CM)

Battersby (CM)

Bishop (CM)

Dowell (CM)

Gill (CM)

Greenwood (CM)

Nicol (CM)

Proctor (CM)

Rushton (CM)

Smith (CM)

Stevens (CM)

Fairytale Castle (CHDM)

Bubble & Squeak (CHDM)

Furry Friends (CHDM)

Big Teddy (CHDM)

Little Prince Castle (CHDM)

Fairy Alphabet (CHDM)

Tumbling Ted (CHDM)

Bentley (CHDM)

Make a Wish (CHDM)

Fairy Inscription (CHDM)

Sweet Dreams (CHDM)

Shooting Star (CHDM)

Elvington (CHDM)

Appleton (CHDM)

Ollie Bear (CHDM)

Abbey (CHDM)

Alsop (CHDM)

Begg (CHDM)

Bowie (CHDM)

Cable (CHDM)

Harper (CHDM)

Innes (CHDM)

Lyle (CHDM)

Nisbet (CHDM)

Nixon (CHDM)

Oliver (CHDM)

Orwell (CHDM)

Somersby (HM)

Lissett (HM)

Hotham (HM)

Linthorpe (HM)

Brotherton (HM)

Applegarth (HM)

Pollington (HM)

Appleton (HM)

Wintringham (B/S)

Bilton (B/S)

Wilberforce (B/S)

Cropton (B/S)

Bramley (B/S)

Melton (B/S)

Bielby (B/S)

Barmston (B/S)

Buxton with Raiser Base (B/S)

Dodworth (B/S)

Buxton (B/S)

Hutton (B/S)

0/243G (D/V)

0/244G (D/V)

0/245G (D/V)

0/230G (D/V)

0/241G (D/V)

Scroll desk (D/V)

0/242G (D/V)

0/246G (D/V)

0/229G (D/V)

0/231G (D/V)

0253/G (D/V)

0251/G (D/V)

0253/G (D/V)

0/247G (D/V)

0/237G (D/V)

0/239G (D/V)

0/236G (D/V)

Marble Vase (D/V)

0250/G (D/V)

0/232G (D/V)

0248G (D/V)

0249G (D/V)

0/240G (D/V)

Castleton turned vase (D/V)

0252/G (D/V)

0/234G (D/V)

Aldren (D/V)

Andrews (D/V)

Brydon (D/V)

Cowell (D/V)

Hardie (D/V)

King (D/V)

Lamont (D/V)

Presley (D/V)

Riddle (D/V)

Trafford (D/V)

Underwood (D/V)

Vase Collar (D/V)